I was born in Buenos Aires, where I became a psychologist and gained work experience in the educational and the organizational field. I moved to Spain to complete a Master´s degree and a PhD, specializing myself in my greatest vocation: childhood and education. Since then, I´ve visited dozens of schools around the world, conducting research and intervention programs in cases of emotional and learning needs.

I also enjoy supporting teenagers and adults through life transitions and help them attain significant emotional growth. I am trained in positive psychology, as well as in personality disorders, anxiety and depression.

My vast training along with my professional and personal experience enable me to have a holistic perspective on the development of the personality, the resolution of conflicts and the achievement of happiness.


Brief summary of my CV 


2016. Doctor Cum Laude in Psychology. University of Granada, Spain

2009. Master’s Degree in Psychology with two Distinctions. University of Granada, Spain

2007. Degree in Psychology with Honors. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (validated by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports)

Work Experience 

  • Director of the clinic Bamboo Psicología & Bienestar (Barcelona)
  • Coordinator of the Dept. of Inclusive Education at Amadeus International School (Vienna) and Oak House School (Barcelona)
  • Adjunct professor at Webster University, Vienna
  • Psychologist at the Community Clinic of the University of Granada
  • Researcher on European Project Eldel and LEE Group, University of Granada
  • Teaching and research assistant, University of Buenos Aires
  • Collaboration with schools (Finland, England, Austria, Spain, The Gambia, India, Argentina)

Academic Publications

Nigro, L. (2010) An interdisciplinary proposal to achieve gender equality at school. Ryan and Lemus Martín. (coords). University of Granada.

Nigro, Jiménez-Fernández, Simpson and Defior (2014). Implicit learning of written regularities and its relationship to literacy acquisition in a shallow orthography. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 

Nigro, Jiménez-Fernández, Simpson and Defior (2015). Implicit learning of orthographic regularities in children with dyslexia. Annals of Dyslexia.